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Product Reviews for System Pro P3 canister

System Pro P3 canister
Model No: SP6950A
Manufacturer: Sanitaire

(Based on 2 reviews)
Avg. Price: $185
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SP6952 with power nozzle
Jan 23, 2020 3:29 pm
Joined: Dec 25, 2014

Mine is the SP6952 version. Same canister as the SP6950 but it comes with an electric hose and a Eureka power nozzle. Electrolux AB, the parent of Eureka and Sanitaire can't seem to find the sweet spot with canister vacuums the way Kenmore, Panasonic or Aerus Lux manage to. There are little attachments storage cubbies in each side of the body but they are too small for standard attachments to fit and still close the door, so the attachments are carried in a plastic holder clipped to the wand. It constantly slides to the bottom of the wand right on top of the power nozzle. The hose is cheap and easily kinked. Eventually the wires in the hose break and you have no power to the power nozzle, necessitating the purchase of a new hose, which is no longer available. The hose ends are cheap and easily broken. The handle end is especially prone to breaking at one point that allows the power plug to be pushed back into the handle. No good. The power nozzle is loud and has no carpet height adjustment. The same nozzle is sold as the Beam Rugmaster often nicked named the "Rug Muncher". Agitation is vigorous. It's very hard to use on area rugs as a result. And did I say it;s loud? Cleaning power is ok, not bad but not great either. Suction is good but sharp bends in each hose end greatly degrade airflow. Inside the hose ends you can see molding flash sticking out into the opening. Trimming that away and sanding the inside of the canister hose end helps airflow some. The machine is well filters and both cloth HEPA bags and filters are readily available at reasonable prices. It's not a bad machine to use but the hose is of such low quality that you can count on it needing replacement after a couple of years of use. Good luck finding a replacement because they are no longer made. I managed to cobble something together from a different model Eureka hose but it once you disassemble the canister end it never goes back together right. I have to use zip ties. It works ok, but looks cheesy.

Date Purchased: 2016
Price Paid: $150
Recommend: No
Reasonable power, light and fairly easy to use, decent attachments, very strong agitation for use on rugs, excellent filtration, looks nice

Attachments store on wand and holder wants to slid to bottom of wand, LOUD power nozzle (sounds like a wood chipper), everything about the hose is cheap and poorly designed and manufactured, useless side mounted on board attachment cubbies, very small vacuum bag, most repair parts are not made except for the power nozzle, no carpet height adjustment, no hard floor brush.

Sanitaire SP6950A (watch out Miele)
Jul 23, 2007 1:24 pm
Joined: Nov 29, 2004

I purchased the Sanitaire SP6950A Canister to compliment our Sanitaire 6610 upright. The canister will be used for the hard wood floors, drapes dust bunnies, etc. The upright for the wall to wall carpet.

These vacuums are imported from Hungary by Sanitaire and are being sold in Europe under the AEG brand.

The vacuum has a 9 amp. 1000 watt motor that produces a great deal of suction.With the floor nozzle attached, I can actually see our wall to wall plush carpet lift up when I do a quick "spot" cleaning!!! It has a variable speed control knob on the canister that allows you to slow the motor down, producing less suction for cleaning things like draperies.
It operates with 2 fans that run in series that produces more suction for the amperage than a single fan and makes the vacuum much quieter. You can actually hold a conversation with someone while vacuuming (and not shouting!!!).
There are two flip down, covered storage compartments on each side of the canister that you can store accessories or extra bags.
The hose and retractable metal wand reach 10ft. which makes reaching cobwebs on the ceiling very easy.
Being that this canister vacuum does not have a powered brush head, Sanitaire includes it's deluxe floor and rug nozzle. With the brushes down it cleans hard surfaced floors with ease with very good edge cleaning abilities. With the brushes retracted, it does very well on the capeted steps and area rugs.
The HEPA filtration is good for people with allergies.
So far we're very happy with our purchase.
If you need a canister with a powered head, take a look at the System Pro P5, SP6952A.

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Date Purchased:
Price Paid: $220
Recommend: Yes
Reasonable price.
Great suction. (direct suction)
HEPA filter
10 ft. reach with hose and wand.
Deluxe floor brush.
Light weight (13 lbs. total)

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