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Product Reviews for silver moon

silver moon
Model No: S558 w/ 217 and 236 heads
Manufacturer: miele

(Based on 2 reviews)
Avg. Price: $550
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Meh, not as good as an old Kenmore
Dec 29, 2019 6:28 pm
Joined: Dec 25, 2014

I have heard all the raving about Miele vacuums so when a clean used one came along for a song I bought it. I disassembled it completely and made it spotless inside and out. Build quality of the canister is very high. I was surprised the body is painted rather than molded in color. Scratches can't be polished out. The material and paint reminded me of my mid 1980s BMW motorcycle fairing parts! When I tested it after cleaning it and putting a fresh bag and filters in it the machine shows a little less suction and airflow than an old Kenmore 5.4 Whispertone or an even older (1982) Sears Best 4.1 my parents left me.
The 217 power nozzle simply isn't up to modern American deep pile plush carpets. It bogs and doesn't pull out pet hair. I plug it on the hose end and use it to clean upholstery. That's about all it's good for. The 236 power nozzle from Wessel Werk is better but even it bogs on the softer carpets of or old home unless you set the height adjustment such that it really doesn't clean well. An old Hoover Quadraflex or Eureka Rugmaster nozzle is much better. So are any modern Kenmore, Centec or Titan power nozzles. Those don't bog and they don't leave pet hair.
The hose is frustrating. It is short (6 feet compared to the nearly 9 feet of the best Kenmore or Titan canisters), stiff and hard to manage, often kinking flat instead of rotating around either of the two swivels. Kenmore style hoses never kink. Worse yet, the swivels at each end leak, causing the electrical contacts to get dirty. Eventually you get intermittent contact. Suddenly the vacuum either turns itself off or goes to the minimum power setting. You have to disassemble both hose ends and clean the contacts to restore function (Miele will tell you the hose cannot be repaired and try to sell you a new one, not true, I fix them). Kludge.
The itty-bitty attachments are a cruel joke, especially the cupcake sized dusting brush. They are nothing like the nice adult sized attachments common to older American vacuums like old Eurekas and Kenmores, not even as nice as the attachments that come with the 600 Series Kenmore canister. The dust bags are tiny too, and really expensive. And why can't Miele give us an electric motor driven hand brush like the Kenmore Pet Powermate, Tristar Ministar, Aerus Lux Sidekick or Rainbow Rainmate? Instead they give you a chintzy air powered turbo tool at electric hand brush prices. More kludge! As soon as you pull any suction on a surface you are trying to clean the brush stops spinning. That doesn't happen with a good electric motor powered hand brush like the Pet Powermate or Sidekick.
So a lot of money for a vacuum that has so many shortcomings and only average cleaning power.

Date Purchased: 7/2015
Price Paid: $100
Recommend: No
Decent but not spectacular power. Canister build quality is very high. Nice motor, a German copy of the Ametek motors found in countless Kenmore and Eureka vacuums. Good filtration if you specify a HEPA rated (to the US HEPA standard, not the weaker EU standards) exhaust filter. Durable canister and motor.

Miserable hose, too short and contacts get contaminated too easily, tiny attachments, cheap turbo tool instead of an electric motor hand brush, the dust bag is tiny and very expensive, power nozzles bog on US style deep pile plush carpets, parts are ridiculously expensive and only available from Miele dealers. And Miele charges top dollar for these.

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Jul 23, 2007 12:59 pm
Joined: Nov 29, 2004

a great high class cleaner

Date Purchased:
Price Paid: $1000
Recommend: Yes
Power , Power , Power , this thing is a monster .... It helps that it's very quit and very well constructed ...

too short of a crevice tool ! a little overpriced ..

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