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Product Reviews for quiet jet

quiet jet
Model No: VAC-9069G
Manufacturer: Samsung

(Based on 2 reviews)
Avg. Price: $118
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Really good vacuum with no parts support
Dec 29, 2019 7:22 pm
Joined: Dec 25, 2014

Overall impression is that Samsung made some very nice, quiet bagged canister vacuums but they have left that market in favor of making robot vacuums and no longer make any replacement parts for their legacy machines. I have a 9048R (R for red) canister with the PH-90 power nozzle. Later versions came with an updated power nozzle common to the Bissell Digipro (which I also have), which was made by Samsung for Bissell. Samsung also made the Singer Quantum and it's twin Black & Decker CA1440 and several models for both Simplicity and Riccar.
The 9048 canister has very good build quality and disassembles very much like a Miele canister. They are not rated as HEPA filtered but there are several layers of exhaust filtration in them. Superior Vacuum Bags up in Canada offers a nice cloth HEPA dust bag for these and I highly recommend them, but you can only buy them through a Canadian vacuum shop. Samsung in Europe also sold a cloth HEPA dust bag for them you can sometimes find on eBay. Samsung in the US only sells a paper bag that leaks a lot of dust. No bueno. I like the canister a lot, it is quiet in use and well made. The cord rewinds smartly, the hose connection is solid with no leaks and swivels nicely. The lids open to the side like the canopies of some European fighter jets! Very different. The hose material is very good, much like that used by Kenmore, Panasonic, Aerus, Tristar and others, not the lighter, easily kinked stuff you encounter with European vacs and Eurekas. When the original hose material develops tears you can replace it with an 8 foot long Kenmore hose blank meant for the 21814 Elite. The attachments and wands are highly irregular. Samsung, like old Hoovers, has the wands upside down from the usual practice. The wands have the button lock male end on top instead of on the bottom. The hose handle has a female end. That means the attachments are also non standard and on the small side too. Naturally they are no longer available from Samsung but a precious few linger on vac shop shelves if one is determined enough to find one. Btw, this is true for Samsung made Bissell, Simplicity and Riccar models. Samsung just walked away from the canister vacuum business entirely.
The PH-90 power nozzle is a copy of the old General Electric / Filter Queen power nozzle except the Samsung brush roll is 12 1/2 inches long. Samsung no longer makes brush rolls for these nor does the after market. Filter Queen brush rolls are either 12 or 13 inches long. What a shame because it's a good power nozzle and very quiet. Same story for the later model power nozzle. The drive motor is common enough but nobody makes a brush roll that fits, and goodness knows I have tried to finagle all kinds of different brush rolls into these. Mine didn't come with a hard floor brush but I was eventually able to find a second set of the oddball Samsung wands and fit an after market hard floor brush to these. So while they are nice well made machines the lack of spares make them untenable for daily use on carpets. For hard floor use however they would work well.
There weren't enough of them sold I reckon to make it worthwhile for an after market company to make routine wear parts for them. What a shame really.

Date Purchased: 8/16
Price Paid: $125
Recommend: Yes
Very good build quality, quiet canister and power nozzle. Would be very good for hard floors unless someone is resourceful enough to figure out a brush roll to fit either power nozzle.

No spare parts available for these any more, so while I give them four stars I only recommend them to someone who is resourceful enough to scrounge parts or is only using it for hard floors, where it is an excellent choice.

Cleaning on a Budget
Jul 23, 2007 12:44 pm
Joined: Nov 29, 2004

The Samsung VAC-9069G canister is a very well designed vacuum cleaner with its unique shape. It has a soft padded handle for easy carrying. The vacuum rides on four swivel wheels that allow for better maneuverability. Turn the vacuum on and realize that this vacuum is very quiet. The air, as it passed through the end of the hose, makes a louder noise than the motor.

The Samsung performs very well on carpeting. It uses a more improved power nozzle compared to the previous model. The power nozzle now has a height adjustment for better control over diverse carpeting densities.

The attachments on the 9069G are not that great if you are someone who uses them often. The upholstery nozzle is ok, but the dusting brush is weak; with stiff nylon bristles. The vacuum cleaner comes with a floor attachment that does not use bristles like most vacuum cleaners. It uses a rubbery strip to grab and stop the debris before being sucked up into the vacuum cleaner. This attachment cannot be used to clean walls. I would suggest an additional purchase of a generic wall/floor brush if you wanted better performance on walls and flooring.

Samsung uses a basic twin ply bag on their vacuum cleaner. It is more on the small side, so this vacuum cleaner may be inadequate in large homes. Bag changing more often may not be a problem if finances are not an issue for you. The filtration is not the best, but it should be adequate if the user does not have major allergies.

Something to consider is after purchase service. While the Koreans are making a mark in the U.S. market, the Samsung vacuum cleaners are not as wide spread as their electronics. Consider where you will take the vacuum if repairs are needed. Are parts going to be readily available?

For the price being offered for the 9069G, I would say that this is a good purchase.

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Date Purchased:
Price Paid: $110
Recommend: Yes
Very good Suction
Very quiet
Manual Carpet Height Adjustment
Variable power control on machine
Comfortable "gas pump" style hose end handle
Better than average carpet cleaning performance

Shorter than most power cord
Poor quality floor attachment
Smaller vacuum cleaner bag
Filtration could be better for people with major allergies

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