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Re: The Dyson Ball finally has a competitor: New Electrolux Nimble
#1   Apr 13, 2011 12:44 pm
 "There is no BEST or PERFECT vacuum cleaner".

 I will continue to use that phrase, because it is true.  

     Source:  Our illustrious Moderator here on this site Mike W.

Is this your original thought/idea or are you quoting someone else who you did not give credit to here?

Carmine D.

Re: The Dyson Ball finally has a competitor: New Electrolux Nimble
#2   Apr 13, 2011 12:35 pm
Mike_W wrote:
This was in response to your "smart" statement, which I could not understand. 

Hopefully you understand now.  If not ask, I'll be happy to assist you just as I do your buddy here HS.

Carmine D.

Re: Walmart is supposedly getting out of belt ,filterand bag business in stores.
#3   Apr 13, 2011 12:33 pm
Mike_W wrote:
Like I have said before, Walmart is not getting rid of their floorcare, including supplies.  The article says nothing about floorcare.

And you were wrong when you said it.  Articles don't ALWAYS say everything.  Not enough words and room.  You have to read between the lines and use your head.  Article doesn't say fish/tanks either but those were scrubbed at many W*M stores too and we'll have to see if they are now added back.  Personal observation in concert with news articles give the complete story.  Or as I like to say, the story within the story.

Carmine D.

Re: The Dyson Ball finally has a competitor: New Electrolux Nimble
#4   Apr 13, 2011 8:53 am
Mike_W wrote:
 "There is no BEST or PERFECT vacuum cleaner".

I do not get the whole "full sized upright rather than a lightweight" statement.  Not everyone should be using a lightweight vacuum cleaner.  I cannot see everyone using a  HOOVER  Air in a large home, unless it is for quick pick-up.  There are going to be complaints. They are going to complain about having to empty the container constantly
.   A Riccar Supralite is great, but maybe someone wants the features of a full sized upright.

There may not be the BEST or Perfect vacuum for all BUT surely vacuum makers who make their products better for all persons to use are attempting to defy that statement, which frankly is antiquated and disengenuous.  This AMAZON video is for the HOOVER lightweight bagged upright and dual compact canister.  Consumer Reports has rated this duo as its top rated pick on several occasions and within its top 10 picks on all occasions where it/they are rated and reviewed ALONG with full size uprights.  CR never adds the qualifier that it is a lightweight and only should be considered for quick pick ups and/or in conjunction with a full sized cleaner for home cleaning.  That thinking is stuck in the very old vacuum past.  The vacuum world has changed.  I've chosen the HOOVER vacuum team becuase you and others here have mentioned it in the past favorably.  

ORECK is THE VACUUM maker that has been the leader in the dual vacuums' marketing strategy.  Dave Oreck contradicted this wrong lightweight vacuum thinking when he introed his lightweight upright almost 50 years ago.  Vacuum makers from RICCAR, HOOVER, ELECTROLUX, KENMORE, SEBO, dyson and others followed ORECK's lead.  There is no difference between a full size canister with a power head nozzle and a direct suction lightweight upright [like the ORECK/HOOVER] for cleaning parity on rugs and floors.   

Carmine D.

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Re: Walmart is supposedly getting out of belt ,filterand bag business in stores.
#5   Apr 12, 2011 7:08 pm
Wal*Mart has done a 180 in an effort to reverse its lower sales percent increases for 7 straight quarters.  Looks like the inventory removed from shelves will be restored.


As stated, I am not a wM shopper except on rare occasions.  But I follow retailers, even big box stores, with vacuums and vacuum parts.  And of course their financial status.

Carmine D.

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