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Joined: Aug 17, 2013
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seeking opinion on selecting vacuum cleaner
Original Message   Aug 17, 2013 10:02 am
Hi all,

I'm searching a bagged vacuum cleaner, canister type, for my home.

Floor - vinyl planks without carpet
no children nor pet
hepa filter preferable

I have been searching a while and found following 2 models;

Philips StudioPower;jsessionid=264CCD1658C277400B17E25F7ED56F15.app121-drp1?t=specifications

Airflow (max): 40 l/s
Dust capacity: 3 l
Input power (max): 2000 W
Weight of product: 6 kg
Ultra Clean Air HEPA 13 washable filter        
HEPA AirSeal: Yes
no mentioning on Variable suction
Dust bag full indicator: Yes
Noise level (Lc IEC): 78 dB
Vacuum (max): 30 kPa

Bosch Allrounder BSGL4000GB

Airflow (max): not mentioned
Dust capacity - Large 4 litre dust-bag
Power (W)     2000
Weight (kg)     6.2
HEPA filter     Yes, not mentioning washable
Variable suction - yes
Dust-bag change indicator - yes
Noise level - not found
Vacuum (max) - not found

Their price are more or less the same.  I'm targeting on quality and function instead of price.  My initial choice is - Bosch first.

Could you please shed me some light?  Thanks

Furthermore vacuum cleaner with water filtering would have better performance.  But the disadvantage is too heavy after filling water.

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