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Dyson DC46 - 32 Cyclones (Root Cyclone)
Original Message   Sep 14, 2012 4:56 pm
Dyson has in the last few days launch the DC46 in Japan that is another version of the DC36DC38 with 32 Cyclones - in a double decker formation making it Dyson's most powerful root cyclone technology 360,000 G! The 2 new models in the DC46 range are on Dyson's Japan website, one comes with a motorhead and the other a turbine head. It also features the new 'tangle' free mini turbine head! I wonder if the US andor the UK will have a version of this or if it will appear on an upright version! Was a nice surprise to find as I was only searching the new DC44DC45 Digital Slim model to research some information on these models and came across this one!
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