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Boss 4878 Type B...brush will not stop in upright position
Original Message   Feb 17, 2012 2:22 pm
Hello With few exceptions, the referenced vacuum has been a joy to own and use. This problem arose quite a while ago and I've just been living with it but finally decided to take keyboard in hand and seek a solution. When the unit was new, putting it into the full upright position resulted in the brush coming to a stop, an important feature when using the hose. At some point, that stopped happening although I can still stop the brush by tilting the Boss forward till the brush contacts the floor and stops. Unfortunately, as soon as I bring the cleaner upright, the brush spins up again so it seems obvious the belt drive is still engaged. Also, switching the [b]brush roll control[/b] to [b]hard floor[/b] will stop the brush, but that's inconvenient. Started in on some dis-assembly but quickly realized it involved more work than I was prepared to do. Thoughts?
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Re: Boss 4878 Type B...brush will not stop in upright position
Reply #1   Feb 18, 2012 3:56 am

Glad you're enjoying your vacuum.  I couldn't find a schematic for the specific model number you gave -- 4878B.  The numbers I came across went as far as 4874 then jumped.  From the look of diagrams of other models close to that number, Eureka Smart Vacs, I'd say take the easy way out this time.  Take your vacuum to a repair shop and ask for an estimate.  If repair is affordable of course have it done. 

If repair is doable -- great,  However, in future I'd suggest making sure the machine is switched off before raising the handle into storage position or lowering it to operating position.  The device for controling the brush action is mechanical and may experience extra stress in stopping or starting the brushroll while the cleaner is running.  It's just a matter of a second to switch the machine on AFTER lowering the handle first or to switch it off BEFORE raising the handle again.

Hope that helps,


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