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You live and you learn???
Original Message   Oct 8, 2007 9:21 pm
Hi all,

I like to search the web for news about vacuums -- not only about new designs or features but about the manner in which they get used and related events.  The following link leads to a very sad story.  Considering the 21st century, I can in no way imagine what this umfortunate young man and his friends could have been thinking of.

The next, really hasn't much to do with vacuums but shows salemen are real people too.


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Re: You live and you learn???
Reply #1   Oct 8, 2007 10:57 pm


It seems vacuums sparking combustibles is something folks do not really think about.  I'll be praying for this young man.  So many dangers all around us but with regulations, laws, etc. protecting us from household harm, we forget how dangerous or deadly these hazards can be.  My dear friend was burned when she was a child but lives to serve and help others with burn traumas today.  A great lady. 

Vacuum salesman giving his kidney to a stranger.  Wow!  Beautiful story.    DIB

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