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Re: John Deere 928E Lack of forward movement
#1   Jan 24, 2009 12:56 pm
Concerning the lack of forward movement with the JD 928E. I purchased one in November '08, used it for a few times during moderate snowfall, and I noticed that there wouldn't be any movement forwards in first gear, and barely in 2nd gear, and when selecting 3rd gear it would begin to crawl forward. And when I returned it back to first gear, it almost ran me over starting to go in reverse.

I phoned the John Deer dealership where I purchased it, and after a week of repairs they told me that the issue was a manufacturers defect that when they greased the chain inside they put grease on the rubber clutches, which caused it to slip inside. Now they cleaned the grease out of the rubber clutches, but they did not change the clutch. I'm now just concerned about the longetivity of the clutch that had the grease on it and was cleaned up. Because I am aware that the clutches do not have any warranty on them.

Do you feel that I should have been more forceful and demanded a new clutch that had grease on it? And do you think that it will make a difference in the operation down the line?

Now the blower is working fine, but for how long...
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