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John Deere 1130SE or Troy Bilt Storm 3090 XP
#1   Oct 7, 2009 11:14 pm
Hi guys,

I just want to thank everyone in advance fot there thoughts and opinions. I currently live south of denver, co. this is going to be my third winter here. this is the first winter owning a home. my driveway is about 40' by 25' plus side walks and stuff. i have never own a snow blower and only plan on buying one. i have been to the local John Deere store whrere the salesmen recommended the JD over the Troy Bilt. then at Lowes tonight i get the opposite opinion. i am leaning more torwards the JD because it seems like more of a beast and has all metal construction. but there is about a $500 dollar price gap. all of the features seam about the same.

is the money worth buying the JD?

is the plastic going to freeze and break or is the JD metal shoot going to freeze and jam?

is the B&S engine better than whatever is in the Troy Bilt?

should i go for a smalled JD 928 to narrow the price gap?

any thing else is should know or consider??

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