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Re: Ariens Snowblower 8526 (6yrs old) starter spins, pullcord won't pull
#1   Dec 11, 2011 1:33 am
OK, I have sprayed something similar to WD-40 into the engine via the spark plug hole several times over the last 24 hours. Tapped it with a rubber/plastic coated mallet enough to cause it to vibrate but not jar or damage. No luck. Still can't pull the pull cord or start with the starter. It did run fine when it was stored, we used it all winter without issue. I'm stuck! I'll have to se if I can find the instructions on taking off the starter and/or pull cord. Any ideas?
Re: Ariens Snowblower 8526 (6yrs old) starter spins, pullcord won't pull
#2   Dec 10, 2011 11:22 am
RedOctobyr wrote:
Can you clarify what you mean? The electric starter spins, and also turns the engine over, but it just won't start? Or the electric starter tries to engage, but the engine still won't turn? 

The starter spins but does not engage or able to turn the engine over. Like the poster above you I am thinking it is rusted. I did put some penetrating oil in last night but did not think to cause a vibration to help in the breaking up of the rust. The blower was stored indoors all year but it was a very damp spring, summer and fall and I do not know what steps were taken for storage as that was done by someone else. I'll give the suggestions a try this morning and post back. The assistance is greatly appreciated!
Ariens Snowblower 8526 (6yrs old) starter spins, pullcord won't pull
#3   Dec 10, 2011 12:45 am
We have an Ariens 26" snowblower - model 8526 with an electric starter and a pull cord. When put away last spring was running fine. Pulled it out yesterday for prep for winter and the electric starter spins and the pull cord can't be pulled. There is good oil in it, etc. Any repair shop is booked until well into January since snow is coming and we need a working blower. Ideas? help? Suggestions?
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