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Re: Ariens 24" Deluxe, 27" deluxe and 924 DLE, Toro 828XLE, SimplicityST2718
#1   Oct 7, 2009 3:28 pm
ntadjs7 wrote:
I purchased the 924DLE last year. It is a horrible machine with chute controls that barely function. Very loud, hard to start and leaves that nice quarter inch of snow on the drive that ices up later. Would never consider it again. I get sick to my stomach thinking about it because I know with winter coming I will have to deal with it all over again. Buy the Toro.

Hello ntadjs7,

Where are you located? Is it not under warranty still ?  You should get the control fixed, as snowman stated they have fixed the problem this year.

Was the Toro your other choice?

Anyone else have same problem plus loud, hard to start, leaves 1/4 inch snow on the ground?

Re: Ariens 24" Deluxe, 27" deluxe and 924 DLE, Toro 828XLE, SimplicityST2718
#2   Sep 6, 2009 10:26 am
Joed thanks for sharing your decision. Yes the Toros are lighter (easier to maneuvre) even without remote wheel lock.

The 24DLE is a better value than the 826LE if it holds up well in quality and reliability. If Ariens has fixed all the issues and no new ones crops up

as Snowman states then it would be a great unit.

 Having said that Toro owners are mostly happy and reported little problems.

So you got the unit from w.E. in Aug. his Sept price is higher.

Good luck.


Re: Ariens 24" Deluxe, 27" deluxe and 924 DLE, Toro 828XLE, SimplicityST2718
#3   Sep 5, 2009 1:40 am
Snowman thanks a lot for your input, if I get the Ariens I'll stay with the Briggs.

Duster I called W.E today as well and his prices have gone up $30 -$50 from last month and he will not budge. I was still researching in August. He claims he sold 400 units last year.

I called a few more places and found a place nearer me, it's Joy Equipment in Woodbridge, this place is now cheaper than W.E. 's new price.

He does not have any stock yet.

Good luck.

Re: Ariens 24" Deluxe, 27" deluxe and 924 DLE, Toro 828XLE, SimplicityST2718
#4   Sep 3, 2009 11:51 pm
Thanks snowman for responding. This forum is awesome, I am learning so much.

I went back to home depot today and was helping 2 customers on the features of the Airens vs Toro, Sno-Tek, Club Cadet, and MTD pointing out they are not all

 B&S engines etc. The sales lady was telling them the Ariens are made in China, I told her to confrim the facts, because I thought they are made in USA..

I sounded more like an Ariens salesman, they only had the Toro 826 LE in 2 stage not the 828 OXE. The 24 Deluxe LE feels heavier than the Toro 826 LE, strangely it also feels heavier than the 27 Deluxe LE , maybe more compact with the same components ? Is the subaru SX30 OHC a premium engine vs the B&S 249 cc?

The prices I quoted are cheaper than Home Depot Canada.

Yes I do realize the Toros are more expensive compared to Ariens, but since they have had less problems posted on the forums I thought that's the premium  for peace of mind. Also more Toro dealers near me.  If the problems for Ariens have been fixed, then the 24 DLE is a better buy.  I am not as handy and knowledgeable as goofienewfie.

Duster, if you are interested in the Ariens, the best prices so far is W.E. Enterprises out of Mississauga, you can google it. If you find it cheaper somewhere

else please let me know.

Thank you all guys for your help. I'll post more if I have any question.

Re: Ariens 24" Deluxe, 27" deluxe and 924 DLE, Toro 828XLE, SimplicityST2718
#5   Sep 3, 2009 11:19 am
Thank you all for your comments.

Are there any unhappy Toro 828 XLE/OXE out there, or any problems with the unit?

aa335 -

 No I do not have incline, so no need for Trac .

Health services is OK in Canada but hard to find a Doctor especially for female patients, surgery or MRI wait is 6 months, not enough facility for Paliative care,

had to watch a close family member suffer through his final month at his home. Wonder what will happen when all the Baby boomers need hospital.

Some people are paying for their own treatment in the US, cannot do so in Ontario.

Oakville -

 Sounds like you got a good unit and did not have the freezing and friction disc slipping issues where the auger will not turn.


It is hard to make a final decision, I tried to do a search for Toro problems or unhappy owner found maybe one with disc friction slipping, all others are happy owners.

Watch the youtubes videos . Snowblower above attests to that he is very happy.

 Looks like the most worry-free midprice unit, but may not be as strong as the Ariens in parts, duild and components but if they don not break it does not matter.

The LE in both Toro and Ariens (no remote wheel lock control) are hard to turn on dry pavement, if you are strong that's OK. I tried both in the stores.


Unfortunately, I am not that handy and not a tool person,  I own a battery operated lawnmower, guess now I have to learn.

Too bad you had to do all that work to fix the problems. No response to email Eh! That's not what I read about Ariens' customer service.

You should have snowman give you the parts for the fix, if still under warranty it should be fixed for you. New cable, baffle etc.


Please get back to us re. dealer in Richmond Hill and also Toro's build and components (their problems if you are aware).

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