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Re: Toro CCR 2000, no spark from plug wire
#1   Dec 23, 2012 6:40 pm
My Toro CCR 2000 worked great the first snow storm of the year, then a couple of weeks ago it wouldn't start. Frustrating is an understatement. It's snowing like crazy with over 8" down already, cold and blowing with no end in sight. I start taking the blower apart and can't get spark. I try a new plug and no cigar. I finally take the shrouding completely off, remove the gas tank pull starter assy and fan shroud. The flywheel magnets are strong and the air gap to the coil looks ok. I'm betting it's the module so I ordered one off Ebay for $17 shipped to my house. I quickly wired it up with neg ground and turned the crank cup by hand. I got a good spark so I assembled the whole thing back together. Filled it with gas and it started with the first pull. I'd like to thank those with previous posts for steering me in the right direction. As I recall motors using ignitions like these in the past used condensers and I believe the module serves this purpose. I'd bet a condenser may work just as well.
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