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late 70's snowblower- MW/JCPenney
#1   Dec 7, 2009 12:58 pm
Howdee all.
I have inherited a late 1970's JC Penney's 8 hp, 24-30" Snowblower, that I later had to mount a Montgomery Wards Briggs and Stratton engine on.
The motor is an electrically startable engine, that I can use a cord to start.
My problem is that it doesn't stay running once I get to plowing. After talking with a colleague at work today, he told me about a late 70's model he had, that had the same or a comparable issue. His explanation was that there's a really tiny port in the body of the carb somewhere that everyone appears to miss, if they weren't aware of it.
As we just got hit with near 1-1/2 feet of snow, I figure that it's past time to pull this bugger out, get it working, and start plowing.
Any ideas on a solution for a blower that bogs down once the plowing starts, and then cuts out?
Thank you.
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