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Re: HONDA HS35, Worth Fixing??
#1   Jan 18, 2009 12:45 pm
One more thing - The Honda seems extremely heavy - is that an issue? Thanks
HONDA HS35, Worth Fixing??
#2   Jan 18, 2009 12:43 pm
I bought a HONDA HS35 snow thrower in garage sale last fall. It runs great, 4 stroke, except will not throw snow at all. I determined significant space between paddle and housing meaning they need to be replaced. I expect belt should be replaced as well. Parts are not cheap. I am wondering if this unit is worth fixing or not. I have awesome Toro 16 inch CC whatever it is and it works great year in and year out. We have 150 ft driveway, in snow belt/lake effect a few miles inland of Lake Michigan, three car pad by garage. Bottom line I need a good, reliable unit for the tons of snow we get. Is the old Honday worth fixing? Do they throw snow very well when paddles are in good shape? Seems a bit underpowered. Thanks!!!!
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