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Re: Realized that my 926LE only runs on small amount of power
#1   Jan 4, 2006 8:50 am
I have a Honda 1132, and Simplicity 1060. Do you think this kit would be worth installing on them? They work darn good now. Does it make enough of a difference, on a later model, high end machine?
Re: Ariens or craftsman
#2   Dec 25, 2005 12:50 pm
It's hard to believe that your single stage works that bad. You should try checking to make sure that the belt is ok. My first snowblower (on loan from my brother in law at the time), was a 3.5HP Snapper. It would stall, in the EOD (if you went too fast), but other than that, it went through snow like a wolverine with PMS. It would throw the snow at least 20-25 FT. That was an awesome machine. I used it even after I got my Honda, for the lighter snow storms. My brother in law has it back now, and is still using it.
Re: Greasing the auger shaft assembly
#3   Dec 22, 2005 11:58 pm
You're right, that it's a more secure way of doing it, but I think the thickness is plenty, if you're drilling away from the axle shaft, so the fitting can stick into the tube, if necessary. As long as the hole is the correct size, you should be able to get it secure enough. You do have to be careful though, because like you said, if the metal is not that thick (and you're tapping it into a curved surface), and if the hole is just a little too big, it won't tighten correctly. The auger shaft in the pictures look pretty darn thick though, and most augers that have zerk fitting in them, have the fittings screwed right in. Most people don't have welding equipment, and would have to bring it somewhere. I guess you can even solder them in, if you really want to secure them. A lot of people have a propane torch for doing basic plumbing... If you want the fitting directly over the inner shaft (I guess that's called the axle shaft?), which is a better idea, then you would have to weld something for the fitting to screw into. Are any machines made like that, or do they all have the fittings located past the inner shafts?
Re: Greasing the auger shaft assembly
#4   Dec 22, 2005 10:31 pm
You shouldn't have to weld a nut to the auger, as zerk fittings are usually self tapping. I would drill the hole, just past (clear of) the inner shaft, and fill the whole auger up with grease. I was going to do this on my Honda, but I discovered that if you remove the end bolts, the holes go all the way through, and you can just pump the grease in from there....
Re: Who makes the best snowblower?
#5   Dec 15, 2005 4:42 pm
That's a nice drive (the Hydro) for a snow blower, but it does seem like a bad idea for a lawnmower. You really don't even need for a mower to be self propelled. I have an old Snapper, I think it's like a 3.5, or 4 HP Tec. (I can't tell), with the disc set up, and I adjusted it, so I almost have to run with it in high gear. I moved the adjustment, so that the disc is as far to the end as It could go, and it really goes.
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