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Re: Ariens 932506 8.5 HP Tecumseh lh318sa engine - dripping gasoline
#1   Feb 4, 2011 10:13 am
Perfect !!  I ran the machine for about 10 minutes.  Shut it down and "voila" No Leak !!   Thanks for your expert advice !!  Marty
Re: Ariens 932506 8.5 HP Tecumseh lh318sa engine - dripping gasoline
#2   Jan 31, 2011 9:34 am
Thanks everyone ....  I'll be travelling for a few days and will do as you suggested on Thursday.  I'll post the results.

By the way, the impeller belt was slipping and I found that there was a second mounting point for the idler pulley.  So I moved the idler pulley to the cl;oser in slot and it no longer slips.  I've ordered a replacement belt, but they seem to be on back order everywhere.  I love this machine !!

I was very lucky.  I previously had a Toro 5 HP - it lasted about 20 years and then the worm gear failed.  I found this one on Craigs List last year, a guy was selling it for his father who couldn't handle it any longer - it was a few years old and in perfect condition - $450.00 I think was a bargain !!

Ariens 932506 8.5 HP Tecumseh lh318sa engine - dripping gasoline
#3   Jan 30, 2011 7:06 pm
Can you help ?

I had to replace the shear bolt on the impeller shaft and did so by tiling the blower fully up on its front end.

I noticed later that afternoon that it was slowly leaking gas from somewhere near the carbuerator.

I turned off the gas value and ran it till it stopped thinking that all the gas was used up.

Later today I again noticed a gasoline smell and think it was still coming from the bottom of the carbuerator.  There is a small spring loaded button on the bowl, I pushed the button and a small amount of gas came out - I think it was coming from there.  I think this is to allow someone to fully drain the bowl?

It's never done that before - any thoughts on why it started leaking and how I might fix it (if it's that push pin) or do you think it might be something else?  Your help would be most appreciated.

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