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Re: just a thought
#1   Apr 8, 2006 11:54 am
Use what the manufacturer recommends. They know better than you do .

After all, you have a yard full of smashed engines. Should you be giving advice? Or are you "in the business"?

John Davies
Spokane WA
#2   Apr 2, 2006 10:09 pm
You're doing fine. The link is called a Master Link, and the clip sits in two grooves in the pins. You need to carefully pry the clip out of both grooves. It may take some fiddling around. Some clips shoot out easily with a gentle prod from pliers. Others seem to take some persuading. Watch out that it doesn't fly off under the workbench!

Remove the outer plate  - then the rear plate with both pins will push out the other side.

When reinstalling the clip, the open end should face away from the direction of motion, to help keep it from coming loose if it should contact a fixed part of the machine.

The master link is reusable IF you don't mess up the clip. If in doubt install a new one - they are cheap.

John Davies
Spokane WA
Re: Snowblower muffler bolts
#3   Mar 28, 2006 11:24 am
Since the bolt is gone, the gasket is suspect. Since you need to replace the gasket, just get all new parts from the dealer. I doubt if the bolts will be any more expensive there than at Home Depot.

John Davies
Spokane WA
Re: Should I change oil?
#4   Mar 21, 2006 11:22 am
gary31570 wrote:
How do you make a syphon hose, or can we buy them at the lawn supply center.


This method is NOT generally considered to be safe, so I in no way recommend it, but it works fine for me and I do it regularly with no ill effects:

Take a 3 foot length of CLEAR flexible hose and insert one end into the tank. Raise the other end above the level of the fuel and using your cheeks (NOT your lungs) generate a small vacuum to suck fuel into the hose. When it fills half the length of the hose, crimp the hose in half to trap the fuel and quickly lower the open end into a waiting container. The fuel will flow until the level gets low enough that it sucks air.

If you do this right you won't receive more than the faintest odor of gas. Do it wrong and you can inhale a lung full of fumes, or a mouthful of raw gas...

You can buy an inexpensive bellows pump-type syphon for transferring kerosene from a container into a heater. These are safer but don't work as well, in my experience. They are definitely more expensive and harder to find than a length of clear hose.

If you have a hand vacuum pump like a MityVac, which is used for automotive testing and brake bleeding, you can use that to start the flow.

Gasoline fumes are toxic - do NOT inhale!

John Davies
Spokane WA
Re: Should I change oil?
#5   Mar 14, 2006 12:29 pm
gary31570 wrote:
How do you drain the fuel before storage? What about running the engine dry?

I tilt the machine slightly to put the gas filler hole near the lowest point and use a syphon hose on my 926DLE, because it is too hard to pick the machine up and turn it over ;)

Then I run the engine at a fast idle until it quits. That usually takes only a minute.

John Davies
Spokane WA
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