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Product Reviews for Mantis Tiller

Mantis Tiller
Manufacturer: Mantis

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Avg. Price: $175
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Mantis Tiller
Apr 7, 2011 10:06 am
Joined: Jul 24, 2010

I checked out this machine and bought one for its features and design. I use this for for almost everything from tilling,rakeing,airing,even digging trenches. It is very light.I use it to did up my father in laws garden too.I bought my unit back in 2003 with the 2 cycle ECHO engine. Never let me down. I do here the newer units with the Honda engine have good reports to.Outstanding little machine. Very very reliable

Date Purchased: 3/2003
Price Paid: $350
Recommend: Yes
Very strong and reliable. Can dig up rocks as big as a coffee cup. Very light, Can fit in tight spaces. Mantis has teamed with ECHO

Engine is a little loud,need hearing protection. If you dig around thick tree roots, they can lock up the tines,You need to remove the tines to clean away exsesive roots time to time. No real problem . An ECHO TC-210 and Mantis are EXACTLY the same Machines- tines and all- The Echo is $20.00 cheaper-Mantis offers more attachments

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Mantis tiller
Mar 1, 2005 4:46 pm
Joined: Feb 5, 2005

I watched the promotional video that came with this machine and thought to myself - no way - NEVER!!! Then I saw one being used, I thought, okay so maybe. Then we sold a couple and got raving comments from the customers. Total amazement to me. The Mantis machines come with either a 2 cycle engine, a Honda 4 cycle engine or as an electric unit. They weigh anywhere from 20 - 24lbs.
There are several attachments to accompany these machines: a boder egder, planter/furrower, plow, dethatcher, aerator, crevice device, wheel set, plant guard, kick stand, debris bag, tine detangler, weed reducers and storage rack. The 2 cycle version also has hedge trimmer bars and an edger attachment.
We now actually own one to use at our own personal home. I have never seen something to work so nice in ground that's not the best. It worked beautifully around my flowers. I was pleasantly surprised to find out how easily it manuevered around the flowers without eating them in the process. I would definetely recommend them to anybody that asked, even for a larger garden.

Date Purchased: 06/05
Price Paid: $0
Recommend: Yes
light weight
easy to start
comes with carrying handle
handles fold down for easy storage
1 piece cast gear box
many attachments
tines have a lifetime warranty against breakage
great for small areas
so easy to manuever

too easy to start for younger children
2 cycle means having to mix fuel and oil

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