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Product Reviews for Craftsman Snowblower (Canada)

Craftsman Snowblower (Canada)
Model No: 52993
Manufacturer: Husqvarna

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Avg. Price: $1699
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The Husqvarna built, Craftsman 52993
Mar 12, 2011 7:00 pm
Joined: Feb 11, 2011

One of the best features on this snow blower is it's hydrostatic drive. After holding down the traction drive lever (clutch),which directs the power to the hydrostatic transmission , just move the hydro control lever , forward to go forward, back to backup. No need to stop or use the clutch. It is variable speed in forward and reverse. It has the ability to go much slower forward than a friction disc machine, enabling it to go through heavy snow easier. The hydrostatic transmission multiplies torque over 20-1. We have had 8 heavy snowstorms since the first of February ranging from 30cm (12 inches) to 60cm (24 inches) , a good test for this new snow blower . It handled all the snow easily with no problems, even though the snow was deeper than the top of the drift cutters in drifts. It has separate ,well designed , short travel levers to operate the chute and the deflector.
It has RH and LH trigger operated power steering, for gradual turns or zero turns. It has heated grips that worked very well when the temperature was -25C . It has the Briggs and Stratton 305, 14.5 torque engine, that always starts with just one pull. The auger housing is 27 inches wide and 23 inches high .The steel saw tooth auger is 12 inches and the impeller is 12 inches. It also has electric start, and a gas gauge. The engine has a throttle so engine speed can be adjusted. I have found that it handles the heavy snow plowed snow at the end of the driveway much easier than other snow blowers of comparable size and power It also has powder coated paint that will last longer . I highly recomment this machine.

Date Purchased: Feb 5, 2011
Price Paid: $1699
Recommend: Yes
Hydrostatic drive
Well designed controls
Power steering
Heated grips
Great build quality by Husqvarna

The price

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