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Product Reviews for Champion 3000 Watt Generator

Champion 3000 Watt Generator
Model No: CSA40032
Manufacturer: Champion Power Equipment

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Avg. Price: $399
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Champion CSA40032 Portable Generator
Oct 21, 2009 1:06 pm
Joined: Nov 10, 2007

Being a "Made in China" product, I was somewhat reluctant to buy this generator. After a lot of research, my concerns about new Chinese product quality was put to rest so I spent the $399.00 CDN and bought the Champion CSA40032 generator.

Initial inspection revealed that the unit is very solidly built and well put together. No indications of shabby workmanship anywhere. All fasteners were good and tight, paint nicely done, fit and finish as good as any other generators I looked at and better than some.

The engine appears to be a 196cc Honda clone and from outward appearances, very nicely built.

This little unit runs at 3000 watts continuous and 4000 watts surge power. After running some tests with varying loads, I must say that this seems like a very good product. The engine starts first pull every time, runs very smooth and quietly, is very easy on fuel and produces clean stable power. I ran near maximum load with heavy drain appliances varying the load intermittently by turning the appliances off and on. The engine was up to the task and the generator provided a steady 125 volts as displayed by my digital multi-meter. I have put five hours or so on the engine and did its initial oil change. I strained the oil through a coffee filter and was pleased to see that there was no glitter visible to the naked eye. That's certainly a good sign of quality manufacturing and the engine runs really well. As good as any other single cylinder engine I've owned and I've owned a lot of them.

For the money, this generator is hard to beat!

Date Purchased: Oct. 10, 2009
Price Paid: $399
Recommend: Yes
Inexpensive, quiet, smooth, steady power, easy on fuel, visually well assembled.

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