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Product Reviews for Honda HHR 21" self propelled walk behind

Honda HHR 21" self propelled walk behind
Model No: HRR216TDA
Manufacturer: Honda

(Based on 2 reviews)
Avg. Price: $450
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Not really a Honda anymore
Jul 9, 2009 12:04 am
Joined: Jul 8, 2009

I live in Kansas City and bought my mower on 6/07. The gear box went out on it today and I am still under my 3 yr warranty. I called 3 places and the same story, they won't service them under warranty. All told me that Honda Auto separated themselves from Honda Power Equip and they are now selling a name that doesn't have the quality the avg consumer assumes exist. I drive an Acura, which is a Honda. But my Honda mower isn't really a Honda, hummmm?!

The dealers went on to say that you can't reach Honda Power by phone. I agree after trying to find a human being or leave a voicemail for 40 minutes today. They also say that they hardly pay them back and if they do, it takes a couple months and a lot of leg work. There is no option to email Honda Power, only postal mail. One dealer said I am the 2nd person this month needing a new gear box and it's only the middle of the month.

I also remembered that I sent in the extended warranty info and never received anything back from them.

Finally, the mower has never cut all of the grass. I use my neighbors Toro and it cuts the grass. I use my mower and at times have to mow parts of it twice to get all the grass cut. I get my blades sharpened 2 or 3 times a yr too.

But I should have bought a Toro.

I suggest you go to and find your local dealers. Then call a few of them and see if they honor the warranty.

Happy mowing

Date Purchased: 06/07
Price Paid: $399
Recommend: No
I do like the ease of putting on the bag or putting the mulching device in. It is a big heavy, but it's easy for me to use and maintain.

Local dealers do not honor the warranty since Honda Pwr Equip doesn't reimburse them and you can't reach them via phone or email, only postal mail.

definmalty worth the entry fee
Jul 10, 2007 6:18 pm
Joined: Jul 5, 2007

alot of people have been discouraged from buying honda motors because of the price and because of the unfamiliar new engine technology. i say that it is denfinatly worth it. the quadracut system cuts the grass up into finer pieces than any other mower i haveever used. this makes mulching easier and gives you more time between bagging. the build quality is great and it lives up to its expectations.

the powerful OHC motor puts out a modest 5.5 horses from 160 cc's and is the most fuel efficent motor i have ever come across for any lawnmower. another feture i like is the throttle lever that allows you to let it idle while you are moving ot somewhere else. however unlike its higher priced brothers cousins this does not have the blade brake that keeps the eingine running. the three speed transmission it done qquitenicly however another speed with a more medium range would be nice. for the price it is a great buy and you can go wrong with a honda

Note: alot of companies are offering there mowers with the same engine for significantly less. i would advise staying away from those because even though the motor is of high qualuity the rest of the unit may not be.

Date Purchased: may 2007
Price Paid: $500
Recommend: Yes
to many to name. but i'll try

1. powerful, efficent, and quiet OHC engine

2. quadracut blade system gets grass intpo fine pieces for easier mulching and bagging

3. self propelled desing with rear whell drive provides exxelent traction and easier mowing.

4. exellent construction enshures you will have it for a long time.

other than the low cutting heighth nothing at all.

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