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Product Reviews for 4.5HP Shredder/Chipper Blower Vac

4.5HP Shredder/Chipper Blower Vac
Model No: 247-77-0100
Manufacturer: Craftsman

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Avg. Price: $399
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Craftsman Shredder/Chipper Blower Vac
May 30, 2005 1:00 am
Joined: Mar 12, 2005

If you have lots of leaves that you have to pick up (Not mulch with a mower) the macine is a god send! It has a powerful suction with its 4.5HP Tecumseh engine and will pick up small as well as very large leaves yet It leaves small peables in place! My buddy has one too (I talked him into it!) and he is just as happy with his. He picks up pine needles.
As for the wood chipper, it too is good for the small branches that fall from trees. Nothing to big but It will take whatever you can fit down the tube. I wonder how long before I need to sharpen the blades??? I have filed the bag a few times with just wood chips!

Date Purchased: 8/00
Price Paid: $399
Recommend: Yes
Great blower for BIG jobs! (but it needs a way to control flow and the reason for 4 stars)
Excellent suction
Will chip and shred anything that fits down the shoot

The engine runs strong but is is hard to pull (has a large heavy cutter wheel inside that you are pulling along with the engine itself and therefore when you cut the engine there is a long coast down).
There is no way to adjust the blower air output without moving the whole machine.
As I said before, my buddy has one too. The only issue he has is with the bag. He has to run over lots of concreate and it wears a hole in the bottom of the bag. He has gone through 3 of them so far and they are expensive. I actually use mine more than he does and am still on the original bag.

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