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Honda HR215 Mulching Kit
#1   Oct 1, 2010 8:28 pm
My Honda mower is pretty old (15+ years?) but still runs like a champ and always starts on the first pull. It's always ben used for mulching with a single blade though I'm not sure if it's the high lift or not. It's also always cut St. Augustine grass. I've recently bought a house with Buffalo grass which is much finer than St. Augustine and it's having a tough time mulching properly. I get lots of clumping. I have to bag it otherwise my lawn looks terrible when I'm done. Of course bagging is a pain so I'm looking into a dual blade mulching kit I found available through Plano Power Equipment ( Anyone have experience with it? Do I need to get the kit with the plug (part 06762-VA3-S00) or will just adding the upper blade and spacer (part 06725-VA3-810) give me fine results? The price difference is $17. Both options can be found about 3/4 down the page here: I found a thread below via Google as I searched for reviews so I'm hoping some of those folks who offered advice earlier can chime in here. :) Thanks for helping me out!
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