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Re: John Deere 1130 SE
#1   May 2, 2009 4:10 pm
Got it back with a different plastic cover.  I think they double-checked adjustments, as well... and cleaned the disk.  My retired Dad had time to spare, so he ran it to the dealer... I didn't talk to them myself.  Guess I won't know for sure til next winter, whether or not the problem is fully resolved.  The dealer said to let him know how it goes.  They are fully aware of the problem, so I wouldn't hesitate to give your's a call... they should know exactly what's what.  I will say again that besides that drive hiccup, the machine throws snow like nobody's business!  The last storm we had dumped 22 inches of heavy, wet snow in my yard..... the 1130 went through it like it was nothing.
Re: John Deere 1130 SE
#2   Apr 7, 2009 6:45 pm
Local dealer called, and requested that I bring in the 1130Se asap for some retro fix for the drive problem.  I didn't talk to him, so I don't know exactly what that will be.  He said he wants them ALL taken care of before mower season starts.  Anyway, if you haven't been contacted yet... you may want to give them a call... apparently, there is a fix, and you may as well let them do it.  I'll report back when it's finished.
Re: John Deere 1130 SE
#3   Jan 13, 2009 6:42 pm
borat wrote:
I'm in agreement that it's likely snow getting into the drive area.  I noticed my machine begin to lose a bit of forward bite after a large amount of snow falls over the intake housing and onto the engine.  It never stops, but it will not drive forward as aggressively as it normally would when up against a lot of resistance.  I'm doing some experimenting to see if I can seal the areas where snow might be getting in.  Will report results and how to if It works. 

I will be waiting for your report. 
Re: John Deere 1130 SE
#4   Jan 13, 2009 6:40 pm
Clay wrote:
I wish that I could post pictures on this board directly without going through a 3rd party .  I would be glad to email you a picture of the exact pulley and it's adjustment if you want to send me a PM through the board I will get it out.  If anyone here wants to help out I could send you the picture and you could insert it in this thread.  Sorry, not very computer literate.  Rick

I took a look in my owners manual for the John Deere 1130 SE.  Look on page 28, item "K" to see the pulley that is adjustable.  It made a big difference when it was adjust tighter on my machine.  Page 32 of the manual speaks to adjusting the friction wheel.  I will call John Deere and see if they have an owner's manual on line for this unit.  So far, I have been unable to locate one. 

Called JD in the middle of this response and just got off of the phone with them.  While they don't have the owner's manual for this unit available on line, the nice customer service person emailed me a pdf file of the owners manual.  I like to search for things electronically besides having the hard copy available.  You can request a copy of the pdf by calling 888-228-3068 and asking for it to be emailed to you. 

After I asked for an electronic version of the owners manual I asked about what makes some of this units slip to see what the snow thrower specialist thought.  They said that the friction wheel needed adjustment and that the directions for that are available on page 32 of the manual. 

I hope this was of some help.

Yep, I see that pulley in the picture... but my question is, if there is a spring pulling on that arm/pulley, providing the tension on the belt... then doesn't that arm that's holding the pulley just swing free... which would allow the spring to put tension on it?  And, if it is swinging free, then what adjustment could there be?  I'm sure that it will make more sense when I actually can get a look at it... but it was -30 last night, and cold again today.  I'm going to wait for it to "warm up" a bit before I take a peek.

I will check the friction wheel adjustment, as well.

But... but.... IF they are not adjusted correctly, would it NOT drive properly all of the time??

Hmm, more and more, I'm thinking it's snow causing the slippage.  Heck of a deal, considering what it's designed for! 
Re: John Deere 1130 SE
#5   Jan 13, 2009 12:08 am
The weird thing is... it will go great guns for a while.  The scraper will dig into a ridge, or whatever,  and the tires will start digging like an 11 hp machine should.  Then, two minutes later, it will slow to a stop for no apparent reason.  Then it will go strong again.  Makes me think that the cause is external... snow/water getting in and disrupting things.  However, considering what the thing is supposed to be used for... that would be probably the most disappointing conclusion.
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