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Re: Are Simplicity "pro" models really old Murray designs?
#1   Dec 13, 2013 9:14 am
No, Simplicity Pro models are old Simplicity designs.

Briggs and Stratton absorbed several snowblower "names" in 2005.
John Deere
and they created a new one "Brute"

It is believed (and the machines themselves support this) that Briggs,
since 2005, has been using two main "patterns" for their snowblowers,
the old Murray designs, for all the "consumer level" machines,
and the old Simplicity patterns, for the "Pro" level machines..
And since 2005, all the Simplicity, Snapper, John Deere, Murray and Brute machines
have been the same models, just with different paint. (The Deere snowblower line was dropped in 2011)

New Simplicity "Pro" models are clearly made using the ancestral Simplicity patterns:

The main body of the machine itself is clearly Simplicity, although it's not surprising that some Murray parts would work their way in.
and the Briggs snowblower "consumer" line (including Simplicity "consumer" models) is now all "Murray"..

So there are current Simplicity snowblowers that are now "Murrays" (the consumer line)
this one is a Murray:

but the Pro-level machines remain "true" Simplicitys..mostly.
Re: Can I use my gas/oil mix from last year this year.
#2   Dec 9, 2013 11:42 am
Can you use it? technically yes.
Should you use it? absolutely not! ;)

Its not worth the will probably gum-up the carb.
like most things, the quality of gas isnt what it used to be..I wouldnt use gas that is more than 6 months old..
some say dont even use it if its a month old!
but a year is definately too long..

Check with your town or county for county (Monroe county NY) will accept "expired" gas, and gas-oil mix,
at their recycling center.

Snowbird Webpage
#3   Dec 7, 2013 8:06 pm
Hey everyone,
I started a Snowbird webpage earlier this year, and I just added some new updates:

It's very much a "work in progress"..
Re: Cub Cadet 3 stage snowblowers?
#4   Nov 26, 2013 9:08 pm
Its not really a "3 stage"..
Its still a 2-stage:  augers + impeller = 2 stages.
It just has a different auger design.

(yes I know MTD themselves call it "three stage"..but thats just marketing hype IMO..
just because you say something, doesnt make it so! ;)

The elusive Snowbird "Model FB" (the first Snowbird Snowblower)
#5   Apr 27, 2013 5:58 pm
The Snowbird model FB is believed to be the first Snowbird model,
from 1958. The source for that information is a 1968 document that is hosted on the snowbird yahoo forum: Mdl,Specs,Dates.PDF

(you might have to be a member of that forum for the link to work..if it doesnt open for you, this is the forum: )

Being an actual Snowbird or Snowbird/Yardman document from 1968, I would consider it very reliable..(I don't doubt the existence of the FB)

I have found photos or drawings for all the early models except the FB.
Google also can not come up with anything about the FB on the entire internet!

Has anyone ever seen a photo, drawing, owners manual, etc. for the model FB? I would like to find a photo or drawing of it for my new Snowbird page:

(page still in progress)

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