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5.0 HP Horizontal B&S Help
#1   Sep 11, 2006 7:46 pm
I have a 5.0HP Horizontal Shaft Briggs & Stratton Engine on a RotoTiller.   If appears to be running very rich.  When I remove the spark plug, the engine chamber  and plug are saturated with gas.  THe choke is wide open. 

It runs but with no power, and it is missing constantly.  Its not really a miss but rather an occassional fire.  Its like an old fashion one shot all most.  The exhaust  smoke when it fires is visable and black

I can screw the only adjustment screw on the side of the carb all the way in and it just  improves the idle.   Turning up the throttle does not really increase the RPMs, but rather pumps more black smoke out.

It does start pretty easy.

So, it would seem its the carb.....but what would cause this.  I have pulled off the diaphram cover and sprayed carb cleaner in there.  It looks pretty clean.  I also removed the one adjusting screw and sprayed in that too.

I suppose a weak spark could be to blame also.....but I believe this unit does not have points.  How can I tell if mine has points or not.  The model # is 130202


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