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Re: John Deere 1130 SE
#1   Mar 16, 2009 12:17 pm
I had the same drive issues on my brand new 1130SE and i have done 2 things and now awaiting any other snowfalls to test out..  

1.  i bought a small sheet of aluminum and made a small shield that  i bolted to the location of that gastet part # 46 in above referenced diagram.  it acts as both a snow deflector, and i sealed underneath it with silicone.  ( also put some weatherstripping on the bottom of the belt cover ends which essentially seals all the way across that end of the cover now).     this should eliminate the water dripping down from the snow melting on the engine issue.

2.  i did look at the hex shaft and there did seem to be a significant amount of lubricant which i could see could cause the issues as well.  I cleaned the shaft and drive plate with brake cleaner and re-lubricated the shaft with bearing greese which is much thicker and shouldn't fly off.  When i sprayed brake cleaner to clean the black residue from the drive plate, it came right off, which would lead me to believe the slippage could have been caused by the lubricant as well, (lubricant mixing with the rubber drive wheel on that plate causing the rubbery black residue on the drive plate ).  

so whether it was water dripping causing the slipping, or lubricant flying off the hex shaft, I addressed both and now am waiting to see if i get any more snow.

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