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Re: Please help me choose a reasonable vacuum for a small home.
#1   Mar 11, 2010 5:15 pm
Thank you Venson! And sorry about my first post, the forum seems to strip all my paragraph returns.

The people at the store were very nice and gave me no issues with the return.

I ended up getting the Miele Olympus. I actually took the time to try it out in the store! It seemed to work just as well on pile carpet as the model with the "Turbobrush". The suction control knob is a simple thing, but very helpful! It is all much more my speed, and what I originally had in mind.

The Miele bags were $18 for four with replacement filters, vs. $16 for six of the Riccar bags. The Miele bags are larger, and I think with the small space I am working with, I don't think bag cost is going to be a big deal.

Thanks again! Hopefully I won't need to think about buying another vacuum for some time to come!
Please help me choose a reasonable vacuum for a small home.
#2   Mar 11, 2010 3:02 pm
I live in a small two story house. I reckon it is around 1,000 square feet. Hardwood downstairs and carpet upstairs, with carpet on the stairs. There are two cats and a tiny dog. The shedding isn't terrible, but there are certainly some fur $#%* floating around a few days post-vacuum. The original vacuum here is an old $50 bagless upright. It is not motorized. Not surprisingly, it does not work very well. The extension hose is shorter than my arm, and it just pushes the dust around the rug downstairs! I am determined to have a vacuum that works well and doesn't fall apart. The $100-$200 things in Target, Sears, etc. are heavy and flimsy. They look like paper monsters. On the one hand I don't have a huge space to clean so the abuse will hopefully be minimal, but I also don't want to deal with some clunky thing falling apart on me. There is a local store here that sells and repairs vacuums exclusively. They have a great selection and were quite nice. I stopped by eager to buy something. The house is starting to look ratty! In my haste, I just bought the first thing that was recommended. I didn't try it (to the sales persons dismay). I came home with a Riccar Vibrance Classic "with Tools". $299. This thing is a beast, but it is a solid beast. I feel like I could run over it with my car and it would keep going. The immediate problem I noticed when I put it together in my small home is the ridiculous size. It didn't look so huge in the store. It is not easy to manoeuvre, and it is quite loud. If you turn on the carpet brush it yanks you forward. It literally pulls the rug off the floor! It is just too much! It is not a bad vacuum, but it is not right for this situation. Now I don't know what to do. I have to go back to the store with my tail between my legs and return it. Now I am leaning towards trying a canister vacuum. It seems like a much more manoeuvrable design. I end up using the hose on the upright half the time anyway. The Miele S2120 Olympus is the same price ($299), but does not have a motorized head (though, it can accept one if you replace the hose, apparently). I think I can live without a motorized head. It isn't like I have ever had one. To get one on a Miele I have to spend $500, which I just don't think I am willing to do. I am not cleaning a mansion. I am not rich. Advice is appreciated :).
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