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Re: 2000 6.5 HP Tecumseh lawn mower will not start
#1   Aug 23, 2005 6:48 pm
Hi There... Did you ever get this problem solved?? If so what was it?

I'm in the exact same situation with the exact same mower.  I got it from a neighbor.  First problem was the gas tank leaked.  I replaced the tank and it turns over and starts for about 1 second then dies.  I haven't cleaned the carb and all ths stuff that you did yet.  If I have to go through that I'll probably just return the mower.  Spark plug does look wet and black.  Cleaned it once but didn't do much.  Made sure I used the original vented gas cap, even tried starting it without the cap on.  I may have really flooded the carb by priming it a lot.  I thought since the gas lines were drained I needed to get the gas flowing.

Anyways, just curious if there was a silver bullet that finally solved the problem.



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