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Re: What Snowblower to buy
#1   Oct 21, 2014 9:40 pm
Thanks to you all soooo much. I have narrowed my hunt down to two units, and yes im from Canada Calgary Alberta. Its between the Honda HS720C and the Ariens Pathpro 208 R. Im really leaning towards the Honda. And thanks he told me it was 5 years old and here its 35 years old. You guys are a great asset. The Ariens is 208 cc and the Honda 190 cc should not matter to much. Ramone
What Snowblower to buy
#2   Oct 18, 2014 9:17 pm
Hi all new here looking for some of your wisdom. Thanks for being here. Last year I bought an Ariens 24 in compact very good machine just found it a little big for what I need. I have 7 homes to clean in my neighbourhood from small to a few with medium size driveways. I sold the Ariens in the spring. Im now looking at Honda single stage, is there a big difference between the Honda HS 720C verses the HondaHS 621 K2C the first one is 749.00 the second is 1,179 both new, I would rather spend the 749.00 if you all think it would do the job. I also like the fact that I can lift it up and throw it in my van, no trailer required. Also went and looked at a 5 year old Honda H35 the fella wanted 480.00 for it, it seemed to run real well. Any input would be great. Thanks again for being here Ramone
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