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electric starter - extra wire???
#1   Jan 28, 2009 9:34 am
have now shovelled my driveway 23 x's this year due to problem with snowblower and my mechanic not being available... anyway... neighbour came over and took the carb off (tecumseh 10hp) so I could take it into the mechanic (knee replaced) for cleaning... which he did... have it back and installed but there is an extra wire hanging down (coming from the starter?),,, can't find a manual anywhere online for instructions explaining what goes where... searches here inda lead me to believe it might be an extra wire for the light? dunno... one wire is attached and the little wire hook at the end of it makes contact with the choke when fully engaged... I assume this might be all I need to get this up and running... can I leave the other unnattached for now??... I have another 6" of snow in my driveway from overnight with another 6 on the way today (looks like it will be at least 6") and I'm getting tired of shovelling...

TIA for any help
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