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Re: how to i remove chute deflector cable from bracket?
#1   Feb 20, 2017 9:17 am
thank you. i got it out yesterday, there were 2 tabs to squeeze like you said! all fixed.
how to i remove chute deflector cable from bracket?
#2   Feb 13, 2017 10:52 am
simplicity pro p1524e. dflector cable seemed frozen, but now is somehow jammed. i want to remove to replace. can't figure out how to detach plastic housing from bracket, please see pic it's the end to the right , the black housing somehow is attached to the metal bracket on the machine. does this just pull out?
Re: 2011 ariens platinum 30 with B&S OHV 342 cc engine backfire through exhaust.
#3   Jan 22, 2016 12:32 pm
so i'm having the same issue with the briggs on my simplicity. I believe this is a known issue with these engines, especially if they have been overheated. try a google search. i thought this thread was good:
Re: Simplicity Pro not worth the $
#4   Jan 29, 2015 9:32 am
thanks for your reply. i was thinking about my problem machine, and it seems to mostly be setup issues. I think my dealer didn't do a great job, and my plan is to take it elsewhere in the spring and leave it to be fixed. i think you summed it up - its the constant attention that i hate. nothing worse than something breaking in the middle of a big storm (we just got 33 inches here). i expect my gear to work when i need it and expect to be constantly repairing it.
Simplicity Pro not worth the $
#5   Jan 28, 2015 10:23 am
hi guys, here to vent. I have a 3 year old simplicity pro, P1524E. i bought this machine ($1800) expecting an awesome experience after years of working on my snowblowers. I also bought from a local dealer with a good reputation. very first use - machine surging, plugging up, traction slipping, can't climb small hills without a lot of intervention (hip checks, sweat, swearing). have dealer pick it up. SIX weeks later (several shoveled storms later) comes back, still slipping. w-t-f. so i fix it myself. next year - stops running. Bent push rods. dealer is overbooked again. so now, at age 54, i learn how to replace pushrods. didn't really want to know. oh year - the stupid amber light ($65 each) gets snagged on a bush and breaks off. then again when i bump into it in my garage. both break at the the silly little plastic bracket, too thin to even glue back together. i'm handy but can't find anyway to mount this stupid oval shaped concoction. yesterday we got buried with 32 inches. my neighbor's doing 5 or 6 driveways with his ariens while my simplicity can barely handle 2. it's a battle to climb the driveway and now the wheels are doing the wet-friction-disk dance. whenever it's surge power kicks in, the engine stumbles and wants to die. i gotta say, i've had it. I'll cut my losses and sell this in the spring, maybe i can get a grand.
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