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Re: Help on this vacuum cleaner!
#1   Oct 12, 2020 4:40 am
There are two types of dust bag damage, one is the dust bag falling off, and the other is the dust bag damaged. The reasons for the damage of the dust bag are as follows: the dust bag is out of service life and is naturally damaged. Inferior dust bag is damaged by corrosion. The dust bag is not firmly installed, and the dust bag is stressed off when the host is running.    Solution: The dust bag that exceeds the service life should be replaced in time, and the product formulated by the manufacturer or merchant should be used to avoid the purchase of inferior dust bag. The dust bag is installed to ensure stability, and it can be pulled with force to check the firmness to prevent the dust bag from falling off during operation. If there are no other problems with the vacuum cleaner, and the service life is not exceeded, there is no need to change a new vacuum cleaner, just change a vacuum cleaner bag.
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