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muffler guard on John Deere 928E
#1   Jan 26, 2009 6:34 pm
I currently own an Ariens 926LE (model # 926007)and it is the best snowblower i have ever owned.  However, it has no muffler guard.  (Have burnt myself once).  For the Ariens(engine model number 20A100), which has the same  B&S 9.5 hp  engine as the John Deere 928E, the only guard offered is of the style that looks like it is made of chicken wire.  Previously, i have seen on John Deere 928E  a muffler guard that is a sturdy flat black steel grid with openings which i would like to get.  However, i need an engine model number (ie. the one stamped on the engine) for a John Deere 928E to get on the john deere parts website to attain the part.  Can anyone help me out by graciously donating their engine model number?  It would be REALLY appreciated because i am having a hard time finding this part.  Thank you.
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