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Re: I'm starting to miss Tecumseh
#1   Feb 3, 2014 9:57 am
The old Tecumseh engines were easy to start because their carbs weren't designed/built to run so lean and the carb was very simple to adjust.  However, I agree that if proper starting methods are used (prime/choke), modern engines will generally start easy.  Provided the fuel system is properly maintained.  Bad maintenance habits cause more starting grief than anything else. 
Re: Do you wait till it stop snowing
#2   Feb 3, 2014 9:50 am
I generally wait it out providing no one is coming home and needs the driveway cleared to make the hill.   The very odd exception is in a prolonged storm dumping huge amounts of snow.  In those rare instances, I'll knock the snow down when it gets over a foot high.  One thing for sure, I'm not getting out of bed to do it! 

Snow has been only a fleeting memory for me the last month or so.  Been hunkered down here in Florida since early January.  Just as well, winter back home has been record breaking cold since early December.  It will probably be the longest continuous stretch of very cold temperatures in decades.  As much as I enjoy winter, when the wind makes it extremely uncomfortable and often dangerous, there's no joy in that.   Weather here has also been affected by the "polar vortex".   We had more than a few cold days in the high 30s to mid 40s.  Still a far cry from -38.8C without the wind and -53C with it.   Heading back north in a few days but the weather there isn't quite as extreme now.  Still going to be colder than normal but not as sever as December and January.
Re: Help with Ariens snowblower decision
#3   Jan 7, 2014 3:15 pm
djarchow wrote:
Thanks for the reply. I am in my 40s and while a desk job doesn't give me as much exercise as I would like; If I could manage to get the new blower into my exercise room I could theoretically benchpress it :). My old blower weighs about 200 lbs. The new ones are about 250. I have a 30x100 foot drive way and 500 feet of sidewalk. We get about 35 inches of snow a year with a lot of drifting. My old 7hp 26" takes me about 2.5 hours to blow and does seem underpowered especially at the EOD. So I would like to have more hp this time. Thanks! Dennis

The old machine is likely tired and with the amount of snow you need to deal with. it was also very much taxed.   I own a 2006 28" 11 h.p. Simplicity that weighs in at just under 290 lbs.  My neighbour owns a new 24" Craftsman with the same engine and it weighs in about 100 lbs. less.  At least it feels that much lighter.  I've used his machine a few times taking care of his place while they're out of town.  The reduction in fatigue due weight difference is very much noticeable.  However, at your age and reported condition, that would not be so significant.   As long as you're physically capable of handling the bigger machines, go for it.  In twenty years or so from now, you'll likely want to downsize.   

Whatever you buy, enjoy it!
Re: Help with Ariens snowblower decision
#4   Jan 7, 2014 1:17 pm
Depending on your age and fitness, be aware of the physical demands that a large snow blower will put on the operator.  The formula is simple.  Bigger machines equate to more physical input from the operator.  Don't let all of the gizmos lead you to believe that they'll make operating the machine that much easier.  They do help but I'd take a lighter machine capable of doing the job over an over-sized machine with all the gizmos any day. 
Re: Farmers Almanac predictions - how is everyone doing?
#5   Jan 7, 2014 10:53 am
Been dangerously cold here with temperatures ranging from -25C to -38.8C consistently for probably five weeks now.  With wind chill, we've been averaging around -35C to -53C for the last three weeks or longer.  You can hear  the trees are cracking from the cold if you're brave enough to go out.  G

Got about 30" of snow since the end of November.  Two big dumps and several minor deposits.  Lots of issues with vehicles not starting, serious 12V automotive battery shortage, 72 hour CAA waits for battery boost assistance, water mains breaking, water pipes in people's homes freezing, airplane delays due to the cold.  One of the most prolonged period of extreme cold and wind that I've ever experienced.  Other than that, it's alright.
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