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Re: honda hs 1132 pulls hard to one side
#1   Jan 28, 2009 3:56 pm
Just came across this thread.  My 1132 is about 3 years old.  When I first got it, same issue you're having.  Pull to the right.  I called my local guy and he said, "Is it always to the right?"  It turns out that there were several units made in which the entire housing was misaligned.  Apparantly they weren't confirming the alignment when the two main pieces of the housing were coupled. (Honda states that this part was subcontracted.)  This is a $1000 part.  The dealer picked up the machine and installed a new housing under warranty.  There is a slight visual difference in the two.  The leading edges of the old housing were wrapped a bit.  The new one is not.  I was at another dealer last year and saw a new 1132 on the floor for sale and it still had the old style housing.  I can't confirm if they've gone back to the older design, (correctly aligned) or this was a leftover.  They weren't all bad.

The key to noticing if this is your problem is that despite the fact you've setup the machine, per the manual, as you rock it forward from the highest position, take notice of which side of the housing contracts the ground first.  If it's the right, by an inch or so, you've got a defective housing.  Now, getting your dealer to honor this is another challenge.

Fortunately, I've not had the surging or backfiring, though I'm not sure if I've got the carb kit.  Anyone know how to tell?

Lastly, my machine still pulls, though now its in both directions.  I've lowered the shoes a bit and that helps.  My neighbors 928 does it less.  I think there is just more torque generated by the wider housing.  I'm interested to try the side mount shoes to see if that reduces it.

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