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Re: John Deere 1130 SE
#1   Jan 19, 2010 12:04 pm
Hello, I had been following this forum with regards to buying the 1130 (of course I found the forum AFTER I bought it) :) Anyhow, this thing is 8" of (extremely) heavy wet snow yesterday and I had no the 1 shear pin. Oh and my drive was slipping a bit...both reverse gears and the first couple of gears. I tried 6th gear and it went no problem, then back to the lower gears, and had no further problems. What I did... Wife needed to get out, so first thing in the morning I snow blew (past tense)? No problems except the one shear pin. I knew the snow was going to continue, so I had done the bare minimum, and waited until early afternoon to finish. Second attempt was when I had some drive problems. This is the 2009 model, with the heated handgrips and such...and I had read on these forums (or I thought I had), the water leakage was fixed on the new models? This is the second time I have used it, bought it a month ago new from Lowe's. Any suggestions? Mentioned it to the JD dealer where I got replacement shear pins yesterday, and he knew nothing about it, and suggested I go through Lowe's warranty. Issue is, I don't have a vehicle for carting around the blower. Thanks! Josh
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