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Re: Yazoo with stuck carb bowl gasket
#1   Jul 22, 2014 7:54 am
Soaking in gas over night did not work. But brake cleaner did the job in about 20 minutes.
Re: Yazoo with stuck carb bowl gasket
#2   Jul 21, 2014 8:17 am
I tossed the whole thing in a bucket of gas last night. I will pick up some brake cleaner today and try that. While I was cleaning the long brass emulsion nozzle tube(power jet) I noticed that it was tarnished a one specific spot where it is supposed to seat tightly. As if gas was sneaking past. I think what has been happening is that the brass emulsion nozzle(power jet) does not seat and seal properly and allows gas to leak down to the choke and dribble out when the engine is shut off. I had a similar Briggs engine on a leaf blower that would do this. I either had to shut it down by turning off the gas and running it dry or leave a small plastic cup under the choke to catch whatever leaked out from the carb after it shut down. It was never a problem while it was running, just at shut down. I don't know if there is a fix for this. Some way to get the long brass emulsion nozzle tube(power jet) to seat and seal. This image was not created by me:  photo BriggsCarbLeakDiagram_zps2df40358.jpg
Re: Yazoo with stuck carb bowl gasket
#3   Jul 20, 2014 9:44 pm
I figured out the problem. Someone used some RTV (sealant) to glue the choke housing onto the carburetor. They may have had a leak or drip down below the choke and thought this would solve the problem. Not sure how to disolve the RTV? Maybe brake cleaner?
Yazoo with stuck carb bowl gasket
#4   Jul 20, 2014 10:51 am
I need to clean the bowl on a 7 hp Briggs updraft engine (80's vintage), however the gasket around the top of the bowl is not letting me remove it. I did already take out the long brass jet tube. Any idea what's holding this together? Model 170402 Type 2155 Date 84062812 I purchased the Carburetor overhaul kit (394693) however I the old paper gasket just does no want to come free. If I whack it any harder I fear that I may break something. Is there a secret to getting these apart? This engine runs a 24" Yazoo made for Troy-Bilt called a "Pro." The Yazoo and this engine have not been run in 8 years. The carb jets were pretty gummed up and the paper gaskets are very dry.
Re: Carb on Honda Clone leaking gas -- will cleaning carb solve this issue or do I need parts for the clone
#5   Dec 30, 2013 5:07 pm
Running great now. I got the carb bowl off and it was really bad. Filled with grit and pieces of corrosion. I cleaned it out and then ran a ball of sandpaper round and round through the bowl until it shined. With the float and needle removed I took a Q-tip and some polishing compound and polishes the metal seat where the rubber needle makes contact. The O-ring on the bowl did not look great but it was re-used and does not seem to be leaking. Rebuild parts kit is Primeline number 7-070024, whole replacement carburetor from them-Primeline part number 7-01224.
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