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Re: John Deere 1130 SE
#1   Mar 19, 2014 8:38 am
I have had the 928e since January 2010 and had the problem with the drive slipping but solved it quickly with weather stripping and it runs like a champ...the reason I posted here was that I had a problem back in December '13...was clearing the yard for my 2 small dogs and I lost the bottom oil fill plug without noticing it and subsequently blew the engine...not to worry I had the extended warranty, so I had the machine picked up after I put some used oil back in the machine to cover my stupid mistake...the place that serviced my blower called me about a week later and said that a new engine had been approved and it should be ready to go in about a week or so...after that period of waiting I did not hear from them so I called to find out the engine they put on was defective and had to go through warranty nonsense with Briggs & Stratton so I had to sit patiently and wait it out...snowblower was gone now 3 weeks and we had 2 snow storms here in MA what a I finally get the call the new engine is in and it runs like a champ and they will be bringing it to me immediately so I took the day off from work to welcome home my sorely missed baby...around 3 pm exactly one month after it was picked up it was home, and the delivery guy starts it up first pull and it runs nice...So i start questioning him about the engine and he stated that it was brand spanking new and it was the exact same as the one that was replaced...this is where is gets really good, I know I had the 13.50  305cc engine and I look at what was put on it was the 16.50 342cc professional series from Briggs...can you say hell yeah!!!  I got a beast of an engine as a replacement...I was lucky my stupid mistake turned out the way it did.
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