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Re: Craftsman hydro tranny fluid
#1   Aug 19, 2006 11:24 pm

Hello Kendall,

 I saw your post when I noticed that the fluid was low on my transmission, couldn’t find my manual so I went to the trusty internet.  It let me down so after a couple of hour of looking, I found my manual.  This comes directly from the manual for Model 917.255460, a Sears LT4000 Hydro with a 14HP OHV Kohler, 42” cut that I bought in 7/1993. 


Check fluid level after every 25 hours of use.  Rear drawbar must be removed to check fluid level.

  • Remove the four fasteners to remove the drawbar.
  • Clean reservoir thoroughly before removing cap.
  • Check for proper fluid level in reservoir (should be above the “OIL LEVEL COLD” line).
  • If oil is needed, remove cap on reservoir (with a clockwise rotation), and fill to “OIL LEVEL COLD” line with SAE 10W30 oil (API – SG).
  • Replace cap securely (do not overtighten).
  • Reassemble drawbar and tighten fasteners securely.

 Let me know if you need additional information.


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