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Re: John Deere 1130 SE
#1   Jan 18, 2009 10:44 pm
Just returned my John Deere 1130 SE to Lowes today.  Boy did they fight me on the return, and refunding my money.  I guess, after spending $ 2000 dollars on a power tool, and returning it in a few days, they don't like taking the loss.  Mine would slip in forward and reverse, only after an hour or so.  Then it would dry out in a heated garage, and work " gangbusters" again, and then it would start slipping again.  After returning it, a repairman at Lowes said he worked on the belt tension, and wanted me to come and buy it back from them again.  He said he adjusted cables, and dried everything off, and now it was working, but he didn't try it in snow.  When I spend this kind of money, I shouldn't have to get everthing adjusted every couple of hours of use.  Plus I spent  $250 dollars on a 2 year extended warrenty.   I went
down the road to a Husqvarna dealer, spent less money for the same 1130 SB machine, was given a 3 year factory warrenty, given 2 free tune ups, and for $ 50 dollars was given another 2 year extended warrenty, (Thats a 5 year warrenty).  I have been working this thing to death, in hard packed snow, "NO PROBLEMS", No Adjustments, No Slippage.  The idea of the customer fixing the problem, with aluminum tape, to stop the leaking, is absurd, and asinine.   HEY JOHN DEERE, here is a solution, FIX THE PROBLEM       Obviously not happy, with the way I was treated, after being a longtime customer at LOWES
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