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Re: Honda HR215 Mulching Kit
#1   May 4, 2014 8:30 am
The mulching plug is no longer made for the HR214 or HR215 Honda. I have been bagging grass for over 20 years and got tired of it and lost a bid for a mulching plug and two mulching blade kits last week which went for $ bid I ever lost. I ordered the mulching blade kit ( comes without a plug get a heavy metal spacer, two bolts, two special spring washers, and a mulching blade which mounts above your regular should change your regular blade while you're at it ) and just in case I ordered a side-shooter adapter.....I DIDN'T NEED THE  SIDE SHOOTER ADAPTER.
Removed bolts and old blade and blade holder......cleaned everything good and installed mulching blade kit and also new lower blade. Took off rear bag and cut my wet lawn ( pretty wet from morning dew ) two weeks in a row now.
The lawn looks GREAT ( no clumps or problem of any kind ) and after cutting today I looked underneath and there wasn't a blade of grass stuck underneath. Don't go crazy searching or waste your money looking for a don't need one for a great mulching job.....maybe that's why Honda quit making them.
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