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Re: Upright Recommendation
#1   Mar 1, 2021 9:14 am
Very few bagged uprights are out there for under $200 and only one new model made with a switch to allow you to turn the brush roll off for that little money depending on the deal you can get. For my $200 I would start talking to some mom and pop vacuum shops and see if they have a reconditioned upright from Electrolux USA, or Aerus Lux (same company, they changed their name in 2004 after selling the rights to use the Electrolux name in North America back to the global Electrolux Group of Sweden, long story how this happened). Lux hasn't changed their basic design in decades and that's a good thing. They work great, , have the brush roll off/on switch you want, last forever, can be repaired economically when something wears out (they are designed to be fixed and not thrown out) and I dare say if you bought a reconditioned used Lux it would outlast anything new you could buy for the same $200. Likewise if you can find a well cared for used Sebo upright from the G series (G1-G8) or the Windsor branded version called the Sensor S12. They are practically indestructible, being designed for hard commercial use. If it has to be new there is the new Kenmore Intuition bagged upright. It's a lot like a Shark Navigator Lift Away and has the separate motor for the power nozzle. I don't think it's going to be very durable though unless you really baby it. The attachment kit costs extra and the attachments are pretty awful. They list for over $200 but can be found on line for less. If you can live without the separate motor for the brush roll, Hoover sells the TaskVac Hard Bag Commercial Vacuum though you will have to do some shopping to find one under $200. They're out there. A bonus is that Hoover is assembling many of their vacuums in the US now at the old Oreck plant in Tennessee so check the box to see if it says Made in USA. Bissell sells the Powerlifter Pet Bagged Vacuum Cleaner for around $169 list but good grief is that thing flimsy. You can squeeze and bend the plastics in your hand. Dirt Devil and Eureka no longer sell a bagged upright vacuum. Everything they sell is bagless kludge. The least expensive Oreck lists for more than $300. The Kenny and Bissell are both made in China. So are Oreck, Dirt Devil, Eureka and most of those expensive Simplicity and Riccar vacuums. Electrolux/Aerus Lux uprights are made in the US and Sebo/Windsor vacuums are made in Germany. If you can find a way to afford a $300 vacuum a lot of much better quality machines become possible.
Re: no vacuum
#2   Feb 23, 2021 12:16 pm
Is it broken?
Re: Ireland Buy a Dyson V7 Animal rotorhead
#3   Feb 21, 2021 12:13 am
Buy a Numatic Henry instead of a Diesoon. The Numatic will be cleaning your home reliably a decade or two after that Diesoon is in the rubbish bin.
Re: Vacuum Cleaner for Commercial Office Cleaning Services
#4   Feb 1, 2021 10:56 am
Not really sure about costs. What kind of vacuum to buy depends on what you are cleaning and whether your workers have to drag them up and down stairs. Motel workers often use Oreck uprights because they are light weight. That reduces a lot of workplace injuries. Orecks are not as powerful as some other upright vacuums but they are simple and durable, and easy to repair. If your work is all ground floor with carpets like an office suite, or the place has good elevators, Windsor Sensor S12s are hard to beat. They are expensive, yes, but they are truly heavy duty machines that last forever and are easy to service. Some other good choices are Carpet Pro and CleanMax, both are Tacony owned brands, same company as Riccar and Simplicity but intended for commercial use. Titan uprights are also made by Tacony. Hoover Commercial Hushtone uprights are solid machines as well and are now being assembled in the US. Pro Team uprights don't seem to hold up as well in commercial service as these do. The cleaning company for our office had ancient Windsor's they replaced with brand new Pro Team uprights. Within 6 months the Pro Team vacuums were broken down and the cleaning crew had the old beater Windsor's back on their carts. They eventually bought some new Windsor's. Windsor are built by Sebo with some features aimed at commercial use such as more powerful motors and grounded three prong cords that are easy to replace.
Re: robot vacuum cleaner
#5   Nov 29, 2020 4:13 pm
We just bought a Pansonic MC-RS1K Rulo robot vac. We chose it because Panasonic vacuums have worked so well for us and it's triangular shape will allow it to get into corners the round robots cannot. We bought a 100 volt power converter for the docking station since ours is a Japan market version. We'll let you know how it works out.
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