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Re: Ariens and Tecumseh
#1   Jan 6, 2009 10:35 pm
i just bought a Toro 1128 OXE with an OHV Tec engine this fall. I am very satisfied with it. I did not buy a Honda 928 WAS due to the price and the risk of repair problems with the Hydrostatic drive over time. I'm hoping Toro's straightforward drive system will turn out to have fewer and less costly repair problems.

A local snowblower dealer told me his guess is that the people who bought Tecumseh tried to sell the small engine business separately but could not find any buyers at their asking price, so they announced they were going to terminate the business. He predicted now that the business has been thrown into distress someone will come in and buy it at a fraction of its previous value as a going concern, and revive it under the same or a different name. He thought the manufacturing facilities and equipment were just too valuable to be fully scrapped and abandoned.

Bottom line, he thought Tecumseh's line of snowblower engines would be continued in some form and there would be parts and repair service for present Tec engines in future years.
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