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3 Stage Snow Blowers - Opinions ?
Original Message   Apr 13, 2017 10:26 am
Hi to all:

It's been awhile since I've been here but always liked & valued this forum.

Recently, I bit the bullet & filled an item on my bucket list - bought a Honda (HSS724).

Unfortunately I left it too long - age (72) & health are catching up on me.

Used the Honda (wheel model) 2 or 3 times & found it VERY heavy & a bit hard to get used to
having used the more common type of blowers for about 40 years....

So, I bit the financial bullet & sold the Honda - obviously at a loss.

But I still do need a snow blower & will now purchase another one of the more common type.

I've been doing a little research (and searched on the forum) for info. on the type that now have
the 3rd. discharge mechanism - the 3 stage blowers. The advertising suggests that they are
quite good, especially with the EOD mess.

Would really value any feed back from forum members as to the pros & cons of these 3 stagers.

Thanks in advance = Roger

Live long & prosper.
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Re: 3 Stage Snow Blowers - Opinions ?
Reply #1   Jan 2, 2018 5:31 pm
I have not used a so called three stage machine so this is just an opinion.

Looks like a bit of marketing smoke and mirrors to me. The third stage is a little auger to suck in and move the snow at the middle of the auger housing. This is normally the area that the regular augers don't process snow in since its also where the auger gear box is. I've never had a problem with any snow thrower not being able to move snow because that little area isn't "in use".  As such its a mechanical complication with little or no benefit.

The main limit to how fast you can move snow is the size and speed of the impeller. It has a maximum volume that it will process. That is why with deep snow you have to either use a slower gear or take a partial swath. If the augers suck too much snow in, the impeller gets backed up and the snow goes out front at the top of the auger housing. I've been calling that snow plowing. More power in and of itself won't fix this since its the volume of snow that determines this and not its weight.

The HSS724 Wheeled thrower isn't  that much different from any other wheeled 24" thrower in terms of handling. It is nicely built but I'm not sure if going with a different brand but getting the same size will do much for you. About the only thing that might change is the balance. A tracked unit will give you a major change in handling, generally "tougher" but with way more traction.

Good luck.
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