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Noma 10 HP snow thrower - HELP!
Original Message   Feb 5, 2007 2:53 pm
I just bought a house and they left us their NOMA 10 HP snow thrower, but no instruction manual or user's guide.  Does anyone out there know how to start/operate this machine?  I've googled for hours to no avail.  I did find out that they are made (or at least as of 1996) were made by Murray. 

It's a 10 HP, 6 speed, model 627104x8

Thanks in advance!

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ReNoma 10 HP snow thrower - HELP!
Reply #1   Feb 5, 2007 3:11 pm

Google "Murray of Canada, then email them with blower name, model number, and serial number.

Ask for Op's and Maintenance Manuals.


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Re: Noma 10 HP snow thrower - HELP!
Reply #2   Feb 5, 2007 11:09 pm
Try going to the web sites of some of the manufacterers and download a manual for an equivalent sized machine. If your read it you will find a lot of similarity to what you own.

I bought a used "Sears NOMA" 10.5HP years ago and was able to get a users manual from the Sears parts department. I put a new engine on it about two years ago and some new belts, that about it. If yours is the same machine as mine was before the new engine then it use a Tecumseh Snow King "L" head engine. If so then here's how to start it, all directions ae from the operator positio, behind the blower, facing forward:

  1. Pull out the dip stick and make sure the oil level is high enough, do this every time before you start the engine, that way you won't have to put a new engine on like I did. If there is enough then go to step 2. If there isn't top it up with 10W30 I think;
  2. Top up your gas tank, don't over fill, leave a littl bit of space at the top;
  3. Put the plastic "ignition" key in the little hole. If you don't have a key you should be able to get one from a local Lawn and Garden, all the Tecumseh keys are the same. The hole is just above the throttle. It should click in after about 1/4" has gone in. This disconnect as contact that is shorting out the spark plug, thereby stopping the engine from starting;
  4. Move the throttle all the way up to the "fast" position. This is a bit misleading since the "throttle" is normally either all the way on ( "fast") or off. The machine has a governor that trys to keep the engine reving properly so you don't actually use the throttle to adjust what speed you are moving at, that is done with the "gear shift". The lever is more of a gas on or off switch.
  5. Check for a fuel on/off valve on the tube coming out of the fuel tank, some blowers have this and it needs to be in the "On" position;
  6. Set the choke to the "On" ( a.k.a. "Closed") position;
  7. Press the primer bulb 4-6 times;
  8. Pull the starter rope
  9. Once the engine has run for a couple of minutes put the choke in the "Off" ( "Open") position
  10. If it doesn't start reprime and try again, after 5 or 6 tries try the electric starter or take the beast in for servicing.
To turn the thing off:

  1. Pu tthe throttle to the "Slow" position;
  2. If you have a fuel shut of then turn it off;
  3. Let the engine run until it stops;
  4. Pull the "Ignition" key out.
If you want to use the 115V electric start:

  1. Follow steps 1-5 above
  2. Plug a heavy duty ( 14Guage or better yet 12Gauge) extension cord into the "plug" on top of the engine;
  3. Press the little button that is on top of the plug housing and hold it for no more than a couple of seconds at a time.
  4. If it doesn't start after 3-5 attempts then reprime and try again.
  5. If after 5-10 attempts its not working then you have a problem with either the fuel or ignition systems.

There should be two levers on the handle bars, when press down the left one engages the traction system that drives the wheels. The right one engages the auger and impeller which pull the snow in and throw it out the chute. There is a crank below and too the left of the handle bars. This is used to position the chute to direct where the snow is going. Near your right hand, on the handle bars is a lever that fits into some notches that are numbered. this is your "rea shift". It determines how fast the traction system will move the blower. Normally there are 6 forward and 2 reverse settings. Try moving the the lever a few times before turning the blower on. You should only move the lever when the blower is stationary and the traction system is disengaged. Finally look at the hubs of the wheels. You should see a poin in each hube the goes through the hub and the axle. One of the wheels may be set so that the wheel is not locked to the axle. If so tis means you have less traction but it is a lot easier to make turns. I normally run with both wheels locked to the axle.

Couple of points of safety:

  1. Never put your hands into the auger if the engine is running.
  2. If you have a jam then the entire auger/impeller system is under tension, do not put any body parts in there, when the tension releases everything will shift a bit and things could get mangled or sheared.
  3. When I work in that area I disconnect the spark plug, have the throttle set to "Slow" take out the ignition key and have a two by four down the discharge chute blocking the impeller. If you need to clear a blockage use an old brooom handle or something else you don't mind having cut in two by accident
  4. Always be aware of where the snow from the discharge chute is going, In particular watch for kids walking into the area you are about to blow snow. sometimes there is something hard in the snow such as gravel or rocks and they can get launched out the chute.
  5. Hearing protection such as ear muffs and plugs are a good thing. I use both, at the same time.
  6. If something jams the auger you might break a shear bolt so carry 1 or 2 spares along with the right sized wrenches. Also carry a few pins for the wheel hubs.
  7. Pratise all the controls on dry pavement before trying it out in snow. If you aren't sure talk to a local lawn and garden.
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Re: Noma 10 HP snow thrower - HELP!
Reply #3   Feb 10, 2007 8:07 pm
't ordered parts from these folks (YET!), but their site has a ton of good parts diagrams, info.

Click on the "Illustrated parts online" li

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Re: Noma 10 HP snow thrower - HELP!
Reply #4   Aug 26, 2014 9:56 am
Here is the link for the user manual for the Murray (Noma)  627104 from 1998:
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