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Product Reviews for Vivicam+lexmark printer (combo)

Vivicam+lexmark printer (combo)
Model No: 3632
Manufacturer: Vivitar

(Based on 1 reviews)
Avg. Price: $150
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Beginner combo
Apr 3, 2007 1:19 pm

A long time ago, I bought this combo for $150. This was my first digital camera. I was so excited. It's 2.0 mega pixel, for that time it was very good.

Date Purchased: 09/2001
Price Paid: $150
Recommend: No
For the price including the printer, it's a very good deal. You can take a short video too.

The printer last a few months, I still have the camera, but it's very hard on battery. I may sell it on garage sale this summer for a couple of $$$. Or keep it!

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