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Product Reviews for Kodak DC 4800

Kodak DC 4800
Model No: DC 4800
Manufacturer: Kodak

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Avg. Price: $400
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Good Pics, but A bit Bulky
Apr 8, 2005 1:32 am
Joined: Mar 1, 2005

I got my DC 4800 about five years ago. At the time it was a great digital camera at 4 megapixels. I got it because I was taking photography fairly seriously and I didnt want just a point and shoot digital. The DC4800 gives a great deal of manual control and is very versitle. It even lets you control the white balance! Shutter speeds vary from 1/1000 to 16 sec. Full manual mode where you control shutter or apature. It also has AP and SP modes. Then it has preset modes. Takes great pics!

Date Purchased: 1/2001
Price Paid: $400
Recommend: Yes
Full manual mode. Variety of choices to pic quality. Takes great pics!

A bit bulky for today's standards. Wont fit in your pocket.

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