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Riccar vs. Sebo vs. Miele vs. Simplicity
#1   Jan 7, 2018 12:06 pm
I have always had Electrolux canister vacs and my current Electro (1960 model) is on its last legs. I am looking for something NEW that cleans like the old Electrolux vacs did. With separate attachments for bare floors, carpet, furniture. Also with a quality build (not a lot of plastic, with horsehair brushes, etc.). I want something that is built like a tank, has crazy good suction, and has separate attachments for bare floors and carpet. Does this vacuum exist new? Price is not an issue. I will pay whatever it takes to find a new vacuum that acts like the old Electroluxes did. I guess what I am really asking is what is the best high-end canister out there? I suppose my choices are Miele, Simplicity, Riccar, Sebo, etc. Not really interested in dealing with a water tank with a Rainbow; and the Kirby canister seems lame. Seems like Riccar is the most similar to my Electro? But I have had problems trying to buy one. They are often on backorder/discontinued and that concerns me. Miele is highly praised but is very plastic-y to me. Dunno bout the others. Also which of these has the best warranty? I have 50% stone floors, 25% wood, 25% carpet. And a hairy border collie.
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